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A garage door spring is also one vital tool in garage door since it is devised to counterweight the opening and closing of the garage door. A spring on the garage door gives it the strength and durability to function well though broken door spring is of the most common problem in garage doors. It is a spring so through time it will wear out or break.

An ordinary garage door spring lasts at least after a year so a proper installation and maintenance is considered necessary. Like the other parts of the garage door, a broken door spring can be dangerous if not handled well. Also, the durability and breaking point is tested by our everyday routines with the garage door. With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of the garage door spring and prevent problems regarding it. Garage Door Repair Chester Hill MA specializes with garage door spring replace and installations, if you have any inquiries about door spring, feel free to contact us.

To help you out prevent the possible causes of broken garage door spring, here some preventive practices that we are sure that will help you.


One of the most common causes of spring breakage is the changing or extreme temperature. A spring will easily break if it is exposed to extreme temperature, normally the cold at night. You can cover the door spring with something like a piece of cloth when not use.


Door spring is made out of steel therefore it is prone to rusts. Rusts diminish the durability and flexibility of the spring. You can spray the spring coil with rust preventive coatings to eliminate the rust.


Proper and regular lubrication can also lengthen the life of the door spring because it serves as the supplements for the spring. Oil the garage door spring frequently to make the garage door function smoothly and properly.

Maintaining and fixing the garage door spring is significant for the garage door to function well. You will know if a door spring is near to being broken if it makes a squeaky sound if it happens you can freely call us at (617) 906-7775.